My name is Samantha (Lee Jean) Scholefield
I was raised in New Hampshire alongside my four siblings.
I went to college in Boston- first Wheelock College in 2015, where I spent three years studying to become a marriage counselor before I drastically changed my life in order to pursue film.
In January of 2016 I transferred to Emerson College, to begin my formal education in film as a Media Arts Production major.
I was working to establish myself as a competitive force among my peers, while simultaneously trying to find my footing in such a drastically new field. Unlike my classmates whom had spent years preparing for film school, I had spent most of my life on a different path- But I quickly turned that into my advantage.
I wanted this so badly that I was willingly to step away from the life I had already built, and all the time I had dedicated to other studies. I wanted this so badly I was willing to climb from the bottom. I wanted it enough to risk everything. 
I am an asset because I know what it takes to earn your position. 
I am an asset because I am not afraid of hurdles or hard work. I didn't choose this career when it was convenient. I chose this career when it was impossible- and that's how you know I want it.
I currently work as Digital Creative Director for a digital media marketing company out of Houston, Texas. 

"Samantha Scholefield- Campus Finalist for Jury Award"
"Hollis Native to Screen Original Film in LA"
"The Making of an Award-Winning Student Film"
Featured Guest on The Chasing Joy Podcast. Listen Below.
Professional Reel 
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